Dr. Joan T. Richtsmeier awarded the 2021 Rohlf Medal for Excellence in Morphometric Methods and Applications!

Join us in congratulating Dr. Joan T. Richtsmeier for receiving the 2021 Rohlf Medal for Excellence in Morphometric Methods and Applications!

Excerpt from the 2021 Rohlf Medal Committee:

"For over three decades, Joan Richtsmeier has made substantive contributions in morphometrics, and its application in anthropology, evolutionary biology, and biomedical research. Her work on craniofacial morphology and development is an exemplar of how morphometric methods may be applied to quantify the effects of disease mutations on complex phenotypes. This perspective combines morphometrics with molecular and cellular approaches that result in a synthetic understanding of disease etiology. Her pioneering applications of finite element scaling analysis, and co-development of Euclidean Distance Matrix Analysis, pushed the boundaries of morphometric methodology and moved anthropology towards a more quantitative perspective for understanding the growth and development of organismal form. Additionally, she has been a tireless advocate for morphological quantification in the biomedical sciences, bringing morphometric techniques to a broad community of scientists.

The 2021 Rohlf Medal will be presented to Prof. Richtsmeier on October 25, 2021, at Stony Brook University. Afterward, she will present a lecture (title to be announced). Previous recipients of the Rohlf Medal are Fred Bookstein (University of Vienna), Paul O'Higgins (University of York), Benedikt Hallgrímsson (University of Calgary) Dennis Slice (Florida State University), and Dean Adams (Iowa State University)."