New Publication on Chondrocranium and Dermatocranium Development

Richtsmeier Lab Postdoc Dr. Kathleen Pitirri, alongside Dr. Kazuhiko Kawasaki and Dr. Joan Richtsmeier, recently published a new paper titled It takes two: Building the vertebrate skull from chondrocranium and dermatocranium in the Q4 (2020) edition of Vertebrate Zoology. This paper presents experimental research advances in contrast-enhanced micro computed tomography to provide novel 3D reconstructions of the embryonic chondrocranium in relation to forming dermal and cartilage bones in laboratory mice across three embryonic days (E13.5, E14.5, and E15.5). Additionally, they identify spatiotemporal patterning of the chondrocranium and developing dermatocranial bones, paving the way for further experimental work on chondrocranial development.

Read the paper here.