About the EDMA software

About the EDMA software

29 November 2021: EDMAinR, code by Peter Solynos, is now available.
Solymos, P, SR Lele, TM Cole, L Hu, JT Richtsmeier 2021 EDMAinR: Euclidean Distance Matrix Analysis in R R package version 0.1-11. URL: https://github.com/psolymos/EDMAinR


8 November 2002: The Euclidean Distance Matrix Analysis (EDMA) software is available to download. This software is written by Dr. Tim Cole. Please understand that this is a TEST version and that some portions of the program and documentation are incomplete. While Dr. Cole is not aware of any existing problems with the program (other than those related to the fact that it is unfinished), this does not mean that they cannot exist. Therefore the program should be used AT YOUR OWN RISK, as NO guarantees are made covering the run-time performance of the program or the correctness of the results.


Detailed instructions for the analysis of data using EDMA is available in the “The Purple Book“. The software can be used with the example data sets provided on the “The Purple Book” page of this website. Questions concerning the software can be directed to Dr. Richtsmeier or to Dr. Cole:

Theodore M. Cole III, Ph.D.
Department of Basic Medical Science
School of Medicine
University of Missouri – Kansas City
Kansas City, MO 64108

You can download the New version of EDMA, which includes:

  • winedma.exe (program)
  • winedma.pdf (manual)

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