ANTH 083S: The Same But Different: Human Biological Variation

The Pennsylvania State University requires that all freshmen enroll in a freshman seminar. These courses are designed as small group learning experiences in a less challenging environment than the large lecture hall. Dr. Richtsmeier taught a freshman seminar in human biological variation during her first semester on campus. Although the course was designed to provide the students with an introduction to human biological variation, the course was also devised to teach students to critically discuss, defend and write about ideas presented in class or in their assigned readings.

Anth 497D: Morphometrics

Dr. Richtsmeier teaches a course in morphometrics. The major objective of this course is to provide students with an introduction to morphometric methods, especially those that use landmark data. To understand the purposes and the limitations involved in studying biological shape and shape change using morphometry. Lectures and readings are oriented at introducing the students to the available methods and their application.

Anth 410: Human Osteology

Followings are the Quick Time Movies, please download them to watch:

3D reconstruction of bony pelvis

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3D reconstruction of bony pelvis showing separate bones

3D reconstruction of bony pelvis with ligaments in place

Anth 466: The skull

Human Gross Anatomy

Dr. Richtsmeier taught human gross anatomy at the Johns Hopkins University Medical School for 15 years. The following lectures notes are available for download (each links to a specific document).