Nandini Singh Ph.D.

Nandini Singh, Ph.D.



Dr. Singh is a physical anthropologist, with a speciality in human and non-human ape skull development and evolution. In my research I use an interdisciplinary approach to explore the evolutionary and developmental basis of morphological variation in the primate skull form as well as in craniofacial disorders. My background in human evolution and postdoctoral experience in evolutionary developmental biology enable me to employ an interdisciplinary approach to address questions that can further our understanding of developmental mechanisms that drive morphological evolution in hominoids, and mammals in general. I combine evolutionary concepts such as morphological integration and heterochrony with clinical research to investigate key developmental pathways (for example Sonic Hedgehog signaling) that are implicated in the formation and patterning of the mammalian skull, and which when disrupted, cause severe midfacial and forebrain anomalies. I use advanced imaging, 3D geometric morphometrics and multivariate statistical techniques to quantify and analyze morphological data generated through experimental manipulation of embryonic skull growth in mice, mapping the genetic to phenotypic change.